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A Simple Blood Test that Detects
the Leading Cause of Heart Attacks:
Unstable Cardiac Lesion Rupture.

Please fill out our form and we will arrange to get your blood tested somewhere in the world.

This is really simple. Keep in mind, this is not the STANDARD blood test you have had all your life. The inventor, Dr. Douglas Harrington, has developed this test which is patented world wide. Doctors from around the world send their patient's blood to the GD Biosciences Laboratory in Irvine, CA. Then GD consults with your doctor and trains them in regards to the 9 different markers that determine the status of your health. Put your doctors name and contact information below if you know it. Otherwise, if you do not have a doctor, like I did not for 40 years, you can have GD Biosciences take care of the details for you. They do this globally.

Our team will help you get your blood tested by our laboratories some where in the world. If your state or country requires you to get a prescription, that is OK. We will send the necessary documents for approval. You can have a phlebotomist come to your residence or you can go to a laboratory of your choice. And you can also go to your doctors office if they can take your blood there. Click on Medical Insurance box below. Then click SUBMIT and you will be directed to more details about the PulsTest. Thank you.